Useful Contacts to other Organisations


The National Association of Wine and Beermakers (Amateur) gives you an incredibly useful stock of help and advice. Clicking this link (to the NAWB) will produce lots of useful contacts:



An excellent supplier

Wine making and beer making supplies abound in this excellent on-line store. You can browse in the comfort of your own armchair and buy terrific produce - which is generally delivered the next day!

Other Home-Brew shops

This link will take you to a list of Home Brew and Winemaking suppliers:

The Art-of-Brewing shop has a fantastic range of beer brewing and wine making material:

This is a link to a very helpful wine and brewing shop in Maidstone Kent. If they don't have what you need (unlikely) they WILL get it in for you!

This one is to a supplier in Devon - they are keen to see the craft do well.

Try these also:


Mash Tuns and other electrical items

This link to Peco Services - manufacturers of the Electrim Mashing Bin - will take you to a very inovative company. The Mashing Bin pictured is their latest model. It has an electronic (digital) thermostat which can hold any desired temperature to within plus or minus 1 degree. Fantastic!

A large and successful company

This company has a huge following. They can supply just about anything you need. Highly recommended!

A wealth of knowledge

This is a  link are to an incredibly useful website. It links to an absolutely AMAZING number of crafts - not just winemaking and brewing. Have a look and see - it's astonishing!


An amazing supplier

Check out this link

It will take you to a store that specialises in wine and beer. Absolutely marvellous!

Rubber O-rings for quart bottles

Have you a supply of perfectly good bottles that aren't being used because the rubber sealing washer has perished? Join the club! Finding replacements is NOT easy! However, I have found a company that supplies O-rings that do a wonderful job. Furthermore, these are sulfur dioxide proof! I used 20mm by 5mm but they were ever so slightly large - even though they worked perfectly. A better size would be 19mm by 5mm. The material used is: CS EPDM 70 ShA

Here is the link:

If you wish to write to them their address is: Polymax, Building 90, SEME, Budds Lane, Hampshire, UK, GU35 0JE

For the BEST beer festival in Kent

How about a Home Brewing & Wine Making outlet in Tonbridge?

This one is called Moodley's and materials are brought to the stall at Tonbridge Farmers' Market. Very convenient!

Contact them on


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13.03 | 12:56

anyone interested in 4x 50 litre wine carboys. I stopped making wine about 15 years ago. open to offers.

16.01 | 20:27

Same you only allow 160 caricatures on your site I would like to wright more !!!

16.01 | 15:40

Thank you for your kind comments. You are more than welcome to join us at one of our meetings - the first Thursday of each month.

16.01 | 15:26

Hi There I have just come across your website ...and very impressed, you seem to be a well organised club with monthly events and good membership BRAVO

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