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Tonbridge Winemakers

Tonbridge Winemakers  recently held their 49th Annual General Meeting. The new committee are:

Chairman                                Chris Powis

Treasurer                                 Chris Powis

Assistant Treasurer                   Philip Bisson

Competition Secretary             Vacant

Secretary                                Cathy Rishman

Committee member                 Les Maskrey

Committee member                Geoff Rishman

Committee member                Les Bates


The club is long established and very successful. Several of our members win prestigious awards in competitions. Additionally, there is a wealth of interest in commercial wine also. Many of our meetings involve wine tastings. Portions are generous - so leave your car at home! We run a monthly newsletter which keeps members informed of club activities, wine topics, beer topics and topics of general interest. Check out the newsletter - it is reproduced on this site! Just click the "newsletter" tab.

Becoming a member

It is easy to become a member of Tonbridge Winemakers. To join simply use the "contact us" tab. Membership for a year is £15.00 for a couple and £8.00 for a single. If you join after August the rate is halved.

This website is meant to give you a friendly introduction to the club. We have many sections of general interest and many recipes and instructions are included.

If you wish to access these, simply click on the appropriate tab.

Remember, you will be warmly welcomed if you wish to join us.

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DONE Sending...

Catherine Rishman | Reply 18.05.2021 21:24

Hi John,
Thank you for contacting our website. Unfortunately we do not currently have any members making mead and cannot recommend a good supplier.

John Leaver | Reply 18.05.2021 20:41

Hello, I’m returning to this hobby after a break of many years. I would like to start by making mead. Where would be a good place to buy enough honey. I would b

Ann Wade | Reply 16.05.2021 12:52

We need to find a home for our collection of the little magazine Wine for all seasons (Spring 1985-Winter 1989). Would any of you like to have them - no charge

Catherine Rishman 17.05.2021 14:38

Thank you Ann. I have emailed our members and will let you know if anyone is interested in receiving the magazines.
Best wishes,

Ann Wade 17.05.2021 13:08

I am in Dorking but I would be able to post the magazines.

Catherine Rishman 16.05.2021 16:46

Thank you for your kind offer. I will email our members to see if anyone is interested. Whereabouts are you located?

Brenda Windsor | Reply 02.01.2021 17:00

I have 8 clear glass demijohns if anyone wants them.

Gary Rowarth 05.08.2021 13:40

Yes please

Catherine Rishman 02.01.2021 17:16

Thank you for contacting our website. I will see if any of our members are interested in your offer. Whereabouts are you located?

Linda Stammers | Reply 01.09.2020 16:45

Hi - we have a vine that has produced quite a good few grapes this year.
The grapes are red, small and sweet would anyone be interested in them?
Can send photo

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05.10 | 15:57

Just to let you know we are up and running again. Our next meeting is on Thursday 7 Oct, a commercial wine tasting. Pls let me know if you would like to come.

05.10 | 15:53

Thank you for visiting our website. We will ask our members at our meeting on Thursday and let you know if anyone is interested.

05.10 | 15:00

Good afternoon. We have a lot of black grapes ready for harvesting. Just wondered whether anyone would like them?
We’re based in Sevenoaks

09.09 | 18:31

Looks yummy! You list garlic in the ingredients list, but I don’t see where you add it to the recipe. I would guess that you add it to the partially sautéed oni

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